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Located in a sheltered position not far from the western tip of the Brittany peninsula, Brest is an important harbor on the western extremity of metropolitan France. Since 1891 Brest has served as the midpoint for the 1,200 km randoneé, Paris–Brest–Paris (PBP). The last time the event was officially run as a race was 1951 when the winning rider crossed the line in 38 hours 55 minutes (remaining the all time record). PBP holds an iconic status in the long distance cycling community and only runs every 4 years and to honour the 18th edition in 2019 Transcontinental Race No.7 will finish our event at this historic and beautiful city. PBP 2019 will begin on August 18th 2019 in Paris at the Bergerie National located in the park of Rambouillet Castle. Our very own Bjorn Lenhard, veteran of multiple Transcontinental Races, was the fastest rider in the last edition (2015) in 42 hours and 26 minutes.

“Apidura creates ultralight, rackless packing systems that help cyclists see the world, race across continents, and discover new cultures. Continuing their support for the 6th year running Apidura sees the Transcontinental Race as one of the foundations of the sport, and describe their continued involvement with the race as part of their commitment to the future of bike-packing.”

Control // Finish Line: Eugène Berest Street x Rue du Moulin Blanc
Coordinates: 48.395471, -4.434611

Start route: Near Carhaix-Plouguer, France
Coordinates: 48.311356, -3.609368
Finish course: Brest, France
Coordinates: 48.395471, -4.434611

Party: Sunday 11th August 19:00 CET
Closes: 05:00 CET 12th August 2019.