The Karkonosze (Giant Mountain) is part of the Sudetes mountain range bordering Poland and the Czech Republic. Starting in Podgórzyn, Poland, riders will take the road over Karkonoszka Pass, to Spindleruv Mlyn in Czech Republic. Boasted to be the steepest climb in Poland, it is popular with cyclists and closed to motor traffic.

Hidden deep in the forest, this fearsome climb was originally intended as a service road to aid the construction of a set of switchbacks - which was then abandoned, leaving only this line of ragged tarmac whose gradient reaches 28% in places, before it tips over the top of the Karkonoszka Pass and winds its way down into the Czech Republic.


The 11.5 km assent is straight, long and unforgiving, with rough, broken road surfaces and steep gradients. The climb switchbacks gradually through the National Natural Park, and riders will grit their teeth at the relentless 10-14% gradients going deeper into the forest, with the final 2-3 km assault at 14-20%. The reward is a stunning meadow at the top with mountain views.

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Control Point (CP) 3: Karkonosze Pass, Poland

Control Sponsor: Kinesis

Control Host: Odrodzenie Hotel

Coordinates: 50.76341, 15.63963

Approx km from start: 2060 km

Parcours start: Podgórzyn, dolnośląskie, PL

Coordinates: 50.83332, 15.68391

Parcours finish: Karkonosze Pass

Coordinates: 50.763089, 15.639126

Closes: Tuesday 7th August at 12:00

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