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The inaugural Transcontinental Race No. 1 took place in 2013 with just thirty one intrepid pioneers setting off from Westminster Bridge in London.  The first Control Point took them up the Muur van Geraardsbergen, a steep cobbled climb made famous on the Tour of Flanders. From there, racers wound their way through the Alps, crossing from Switzerland into Italy over the Passo Stelvio, the highest paved pass in the Eastern Alps and the second Control Point. The race finished on the European shore of the Bosphorus Strait, in Istanbul, Turkey. Here Kristoff Allegart made his debut as the fastest racer, finishing in just 7 days and 13 hours. Juliana Buhring was the only woman in the race.

Mike took a car and a team of friends to help him manage and document this first race. To say it was low-key and a little punk is an understatement but the format and the style was an instant hit and the TCR burst onto the ultra distance scene as a ready-made classic.


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London to Istanbul. 3,200 km in 14 days… all on a bike. Armed with only their gear and the will to finish, AWOL followed Recep Yeseil and Erik Nohlin through the ups and downs of one of Europe's toughest races.