A Finish Not an Ending | TCR No7 Podcast | Episode 5

At the endpoint in Brest, Tom Bonnett meets winner Fiona Kolbinger, talks to the first pair to finish and he greets riders battling the intense headwinds that are making the final stretch one of the toughest of this year's TCR.

Paul Rainbow, founder of Audax Club Bristol, presents a history of the ride that brought the Transcontinental here, Paris-Brest-Paris. It's the oldest audax in the world, having begun in 1891 and the 2019 edition starts less than a week after the end of TCR No7. Some of the riders, including winner Fiona Kolbinger and previous runner-up Björn Lenhard will be racing it.

Presented and produced by Tom Bonnett
Music from Vegyn, Sam Brookes, LTO and Keplr
Photography by James Robertson