Fiona Kolbinger Interview | TCR No7 Podcast | Episode 6

In the final episode of TCR No7, Tom Bonnett sits down with winner Fiona Kolbinger to reflect on her race. They talk about the overwhelming moment her phone was deluged with messages from strangers and the pandemonium of media coverage she was met with as neared the finish. Tom also talks to second place rider Ben Davies about how he fought through saddle sores to maintain his grip on the race and the winning pair Espen Utne Landgraff and Emanuel Verde look back on their success.

Produced and presented by Tom Bonnett aka fm_ephemera
Music by Vegyn
Photography by James Robertson

A Finish Not an Ending | TCR No7 Podcast | Episode 5

At the endpoint in Brest, Tom Bonnett meets winner Fiona Kolbinger, talks to the first pair to finish and he greets riders battling the intense headwinds that are making the final stretch one of the toughest of this year's TCR.

Paul Rainbow, founder of Audax Club Bristol, presents a history of the ride that brought the Transcontinental here, Paris-Brest-Paris. It's the oldest audax in the world, having begun in 1891 and the 2019 edition starts less than a week after the end of TCR No7. Some of the riders, including winner Fiona Kolbinger and previous runner-up Björn Lenhard will be racing it.

Presented and produced by Tom Bonnett
Music from Vegyn, Sam Brookes, LTO and Keplr
Photography by James Robertson

Climbing Out of the Slump | TCR No7 | Episode 3

In this episode, Tom Bonnett follows the path of the leading riders in the Transcontinental Race into the Dolomites and the Öztal Alps and on to Control Point 3 in Austria. Behind them riders are dotted along roads all the way back to Serbia and for some morale will be beginning to wane. Tom speaks to Jet McDonald, an author who has written an adventure through cycling and philosophy to discuss some ideas that can help us all when we fall into a slump.

Producer: Tom Bonnett

Music: Vegyn, LTO, Hirola

Photography: James Robertson

Beating Sun and a Balkan Wedding | The Transcontinental No.7 Podcast | Episode 2

Following the racers on their journey from the start to Control Point 2, Tom Bonnett hears how they are suffering with overbearing heat and crunchy gravel climbs. As the riders arrive at the second control, the welcoming party is wilder than anyone could have expected.

Producer: Tom Bonnett

Music: Vegan, LTO, Old Apparatus

Photograph: James Robertson