Since the end of the race the TCRNo5 team have been working on analysing the TCRNo5 dot watcher race reports and adjudicating the final results. We have completed the appeals process and these are the final results for TCRNo5. 

We appreciate that each and every TCR rider puts an enormous amount of effort, energy, emotion and passion into their race and takes their finishing position very seriously. This year we awarded penalties in line with the Transcontinental Race  policies on rule infringements and we also took the difficult decision to exclude a number of riders from the finishers list, a responsibility we do not take lightly. Since the death of Mike Hall we have a duty of care to implement the race as we believe Mike would have done. We endeavour to consider the views he held in an effort to be consistent with his vision for TCRNo5 and the future of the race. In this, most difficult of years, we feel the importance of the ten simple rules cannot be underestimated in assisting riders to make safety the number one priority. 

There is no personal shame in an exclusion or in getting penalties and it is not a remark on an individual’s character or integrity. What matters is that it is fair for those people who take the time and effort to be safe and avoid situations that might be dangerous and that there is a persuasive system which greatly favours the effort to do so. TCRNo5 reserves the right to exclude any racers for activity or behaviour that brings the race into disrepute or threatens the viability of any future editions.