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CP3 will be located between the beautiful passes of the Dolomites and the high peaks of the Ötztal Alps who’s summits form part of the border between State of Tyrol in Austria and Italy. South Tyrol is bordered by Austria to the east and north and by the Swiss canton of Graubünden to the west. The province's landscape is dominated by the Dolomites to the East. The Giro arrived in 1940 when legendary Gino Bartali was first to cross the finish line while then emerging star of Italian cycling Fausto Coppi finished second. Passo Gardena featured in stage 18 of the 2017 Giro D’Italia and features as one of seven Dolomite mountain passes in the annual Maratona dles Dolomites.

Riders will be guided through multiple switchbacks in the shadow of the towering peaks of Piz Boè to the South and Pizes de Cir to the North. Placing the CP over the border in Austria will nudge the race route northwards preventing riders from dropping down into the flat planes of Po Valley too soon.

“This is the Transcontinental Race, a long journey in the eternal fight between will and power.” PEDAL ED

TCRNo7 // Control Point (CP) 3: Passo Gardena and the Ötztal Alps

Parcours Start: Corvara
Coordinates: 46.552318, 11.874168

Finish: Strada Statale 44bis, Timmelsjoch
Coordinates: 46.896207, 11.130020

Control: Gasthof zur Traube
Coordinates: 47.149221, 10.343865
Approx km from start: 1800 km
Closes: 05:00 CET 5th August 2019