Registration to race tcrnO6 CLOSED 28//01//18


The Transcontinental Race has the great privilege of currently being very popular. In 2015 there were 350 registrations for 250 places. In 2016 there were nearly 1000 registrations and 600 applications for 300 places. We do all we can to make the process fair and accessible whilst also encouraging an exciting race with a diverse, international and capable field. There is more information on our blog of how we allocate entries however here is some basic information.

Is there a waiting list?
Not really. We run a barebones team at Transcontinental HQ to keep entry fees as low as we can - we can’t spare the people and time to process waiting lists and drop outs. If numbers drop significantly we will instead have a second entry window.

How are entries allocated?
We have quotas for certain demographics and those who show that they can genuinely contest the race. All other entries go in the ballot. In other words its a mixture of the experienced, the encouraged and the lucky. We do pay attention to everybody’s application answers.