The climb from Sarajevo to Control Point 4 will seem like a pleasant warm up before the gravel of the parcour climb to Bjelašnica; sure to test riders’ legs and skill as much as their choice of tyres. Possibly the most magnificent of Bosnia's network of gravel roads, this parcours takes riders, via a series of steep and dusty hairpins, to an exposed summit with views of Sarajevo and the Dinaric Alps.

From Bjelašnica peak, a derelict Soviet ski lift overlooks the city of Sarajevo. This mountain was one of the crown jewels of the 1984 Winter Olympics, before Bosnia succumbed to one of the 20th century’s most brutal conflicts.


Many of the former Olympic sites were used as prisons, ammunition dumps and torture chambers, and most still lie empty – only recently has funding begun to pour in to restore the area to its former glory, and it will be a solemn privilege for us to catch a final glimpse of this devastating period of history, before Bosnia finally puts its past behind it. Riders will have their brevet cards stamped at Hotel Han, before ascending the 12km gravel parcours to Bielašnica peak, which on a clear day offers views of Sarajevo, and the surrounding mountain range.

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Control Point 4: Bjelašnica, Bosnia

Control Sponsor: Apidura

Control Host: Hotel Han, Babin do

Coordinates: 43.716235, 18.287024

Approx km from start: 3120 km

Parcours finish: Bjelašnica

Coordinates: 43.703639, 18.256597

Closes: Saturday 11th August at 22:00