The parcours for the second Control Point begins at the top of Slovenia’s highest road – Mangart Česta, which leads up to the 2,072m Mangart saddle, overlooked by Slovenia’s third highest peak, Mangart itself, commanding dizzying views of the Julian Alps and Italy’s Fusine lakes. The road is a classic, though comparatively unknown Alpine climb, built by Russian prisoners during the First World War, with tunnels hacked out of the mountainside, numerous switchbacks, and gradients as steep as 25% descending towards Kranjska Gora.


From Mangart Sedlo riders will descend to the checkpoint at Log Pod Mangartom, before following the Soča Valley towards the 50 tight hairpins (26 up, 24 down) of the 1,611m Vrśić Pass, built by Russian prisoners during the First World War, and then descending over the cobbles towards Kranjska Gora.

An undeservedly obscure Alpine climb, with brutal gradients in its lower stretches giving way to tightly coiled switchbacks carved improbably across (and occasionally through) the mountainside, Slovenia’s highest road ascends to its spectacular conclusion, where Mangart peak overlooks Italy’s Fusine lakes.

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Control Sponsor: PEdAL ED

Control Host: Hotel Alp Bovec

Coordinates: 46.337619, 13.552056

Approx km from start: 1300 km

Parcours start: Mangart Sedlo

Coordinates: 46.44141, 13.64237

Parcours finish: Vrśić Pass

Coordinates: 46.43301 13.74336

Closes: Saturday 4th August at 09:00

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