Adam Green

From: Sunderland, UK


I've graduated from an unhealthy smoking/drinking/greedy student to would be long distance cyclist in about 7 years. I don't know whether that's good going or not.  I raced Ironman Wales twice before realising that the only thing I should be doing before or after a ride is sitting and eating. Last year I took part in the Japanese Odyssey which didn't quite work out as planned but was an experience that has hopefully taught me enough to succeed here.  I'm most looking forward to sampling diet coke in 11 different countries...

Adam Krabbe

From: Sweden

Adam Popovec

From: Bratislava, Slovakia


I got into sport when I decided to stop smoking in 2013. At first it was running, but in 2015 I bough cheap road bike. From that moment, it was instant love. I accidentially found the vlogs of TcrNo4 and it has raised my interest in ultra cycling. At the end of 2016 I bough adventure bike. This year I decided to try and sign up for the Transcontinental race. When the message that I was accepted came, I knew there is no way back. It will be my first ultra endurance race ,but my spirits after training are still high. :)

Adrian Hegedus

From: Romania

Aimerick Stanisiere

From: France

Aimone Dal Pozzo

From: Italy

Alain Puiseux

From: Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France


Alain Puiseux is nearly 55 years old. He's a father, lover, writer, editor of the magazine "200", and cyclist. He did only one bike race in his life : the 4th TCR, in 2016. He can still remember every km, from start to finish line, and thinks that is a good reason to ride again.

Alan Parkinson

From: London, UK


I have been a cyclist my whole life and a member of the South Western Road Club since a teenager. For many years I raced on road, velodrome and off-road mountain biking. During the noughties I was interested in sportives and single day MTB events like the Marmotte and the Grand Raid Cristalp.
Then around ten years ago I became more interested in multi day races and at that time there was not that many events to ride. I rode the Trans Wales 7 day MTB in 2008 and then again in 2010 when I won the vets category. 

Alastair Maher

From: UK

Alessandro Perri

From: Italy


Always around, constantly moving. Alessandro is a passionate Art Director from Rome. Part of creative team A&A with Andrew McEvoy.  Currently living/working in Hamburg after 8 years in London. To support and finance his studies he worked as Waiter, Ball Boy, Landscaper, Private Chef, Dog Sitter, Tie Maker, DJ guy and Ski Technician. Alessandro is a problem-solver enthusiast who believes that great ideas can change behaviour and culture. Thanks to a vivid imagination and uncontrollable curiosity he applied for the first time to this year TCR.  "Fun fact" Alessandro's bike is named "the donkey".

Alexander Bourgeonnier

From: France

Alex Greenaway

From: Denmark


My name is Alex and on day 9 of TCR#6 I will be 33 years old. I am English but I now live in Denmark with my wife and two wonderful sons. I only started cycling 4 years ago after moving to Denmark as a way to lose weight, keep fit and discover the country that I had decided to spend my life in. As I did not know anyone or speak the language, I started cycling alone, riding longer and further and over the past couple of years I started doing organised Audax rides in Denmark and in the UK. TCR will be my first ever bike race as I have only ever raced myself. I have been avidly following the TCR for the past few years and I decided that this year I would put my best pedal stroke forward and explore into countries I have never been to. Training for riding in the mountains across Europe, whilst living in a country where the highest “peak” is only 170m, has been a big challenge and I have relied heavily on indoor training on Zwift.

Alexandre Le Roux

From: France

Alina Kilian

From: Poland


I am pink and little crazy girl from Poland :) I am honored to be Specialized Women's Ambassador from this year. :) I have very little experience in self-suported racing (I finished Race Through Poland in april) and TCR is the craziest thing I've decided to do in my life :) And I really love biking :) That's all :D Please, keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Alistair Ross

From: UK

Amy Lippe

From: USA

Andis Aboltins

From: Latvia

Andrea Polo

From: Italy


I love cycling and adventure, I rode in TCR 5 and i am in love with, so i want to ride again in this amazing and hard race-adventure where i knew a lot of fantastic people.

Andrea De Gruttola

From: Southern Italy


I started riding my bike since I was three. First of all a game, then a means of transport, later a travel tool and so far, an ultra-cycling companion. For me, riding a bike has always been a sense underneath also nowadays, inspired to join the TCR by Mike and his unexpected death. The search for the "meaning" is the fuel to go on and pushing on the pedal and spending hours on a saddle. So far I've traveled around remote World regions for the pleasure of the discovery: this is my first bicycle race, to discover something else.

Andrea-Luca Zarotti

From: Switzerland

Andreas Hauser

From: Austria


In my youth i was an Austrian skier. After a horrible crash on a downhill training I had to end my career. Years later i turned back to sport. Finished some marathons and later became an enthusiastic Ironman. With the support of my family it was possible to start at the Race Around Austria, a non stop cycle race along the border. Since than the cycling passion has grabbed me. My wife is also sportive, my two children are out of the house, so we are happy to spend all our common vacations sportily. Two years ago I cycled from Austria to the France Atlantic coast, back over the Pyrennees to Barcelona. Than crossed the sea to Italy and went back to Austria with the bike. This impressive bike experience inspired me, to start at one TCR. As managing director of an Austrian academy of further education in Sommer is less going on. So I'm very glad to be able to bring my job into harmony with my cycling. Finally great thanks to Gina for your support.

Andreas Wittkemper

From: Germany

Andrew Booth

From: UK

Anna Petters

From: Sweden

Anton Lindberg

From: Sweden

Antonio Baños

From: Spain

Arjan Zwanenburg

From: Netherlands

Arnoldas Jakstas

From: UK

Avni Berk Okyay

From: Turkey

Axel Restrup

From: Norway

Aydin Bez

From: Turkey

Bas Vlaskamp

From: Olst, Netherlands


After more then 10 years of road racing I did in 2016 a 13 day ride from The Netherlands to North Cape, riding 240 kilometres a day with quite a lot of luggage. The feeling of progress I made on such days and the experience of riding through so much different places and scenery was very enjoyable. Last year did more long distance rides in the Netherlands and a paired time trial from Amsterdam to Parijs (which we won). I like the challenges of ultra cycling and the beautiful scenery which you pass through. The TCRNo6 will be an ultimate experience and challenge for me.

Beate Weiland

From: Germany

Ben Davies

From: UK

Ben Snodin

From: UK

Benjamin Kraehenmann

From: Switzerland

Bernd Paul

From: Germany

Bernhard Rabold

From: Germany

Birol Cakir

From: Turkey

Björn Lenhard

From: Germany

Bruno Ferraro

From: Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Bruno Ferraro is an italian passionate cyclist with a quite bad addiction for long distances. He started approaching cycling in 2014 but as soon as he achieved some of the local climbs he immediately started to ride further. TCRNo6 is actually his first race but he's been cycling around Europe during the last few years. In 2017, living really close to TCRNo5 CP2 Monte Grappa, he had the possibility to admire and ride with some of the top riders of that edition.

Bryce Bénat

From: France

Calvin O'Keeffe

From: UK

Caroline Item

From: UK

Cesare Pedrini

From: Italy

Charles Christiansen

From: USA

Charles Billau


Charles Billau is french cyclist aged of 29, French Divide finisher in 2016, Transatlantic Way bike race and Northcape 4000 finisher in 2017, keen on long distance and bike trip. Since almost 3 years, bicycle took an important place in his daily life, not only as means of transport, but a very efficient way to escape the mundane 9 to five lifestyle. Riding with friends and family has become one of the best memories, as well as reparing old bikes in which he would like to have a qualification later.

Chris Thomas

From: Verchaix (France)


Cycling for me started properly after reading about Mark Beaumont, he cycled lands end at 14 and I thought I wonder what that would be like, that weekend i hired a van with a friend drove to Cornwall from Essex and set off on my own up to Scotland. 10 days later I reached JOG. That ride taught me a lot about myself how hard i wanted something how far i was willing to push and to try. 
From there i haven't looked back and i can honestly say cycling has changed my life. Since LE - JOG i have gone on to cycle from London to Istanbul in 2011 and then the Knordkapp to Ghana in 2013. I have met the most wonderful people along the way and had the most fabulous life altering experiences that have opened my eyes to so much. The TCR is for me a huge challenge and one that i want to pit myself against, but overall i want to have fun meet amazing people and have an experience that will be a once in a lifetime. Overall, I just love to ride my bike :)

Chris van Zyle

From: South Africa

Christian Fichter

From: Switzerland

Christoph Fuhrbach

From: Germany

Christopher Teasdale

From: UK

Christopher Duffy

From: UK

Christopher Murkin

From: UK

Clement Mahe

From: France


Hi, i'm french who live in Switzerland. So, it's absolutely amazing here to explore in the mountains. I'm riding since i have 7 so 25 years ( shit i become old) I did a lot of race when i was young. I rode for the French U23 team sometime. Now, i don't like race, i just like explore and my bike. For the sailor you have the Vendée globe and for cyclist you have the TCR so my plan, it's to see the finish line.

Clement Venus

From: France

Constantin Schütt

From: Germany

Craig Bachelor

From: Thailand

Craig Edwards

From: UK