Race report #4 // TCRNo5

Last night while the rest of us were having dinner James Hayden and Bjorn Lenhard were playing a game of cat and mouse out of CP3 through the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia. Bjorn finally stopped to refuel at a gas station just outside of Prešov where James caught him. Stopping only for a coke (other soft drinks are available) and a selfie James was the first to make a move with Bjorn close on his heels.

photo credit Camille Mcmillan

Bjorn headed south intending, we suppose, to spend a night under the stars in the Hungarian hills while Jamesheaded for the small town of Trebišov and got a good 4 hours rest. James had an hours head start on Bjorn in the morning and both had crossed the northern edge of Hungary for the final time by lunchtime where the Control car caught up with them on the road.

photo credit Camille Mcmillan

Meanwhile back at CP3 Mathias Dalgas (#23), Ian To (#16), Geoffroy Dussault (#93), Nelson Trees (#80), Rory McCarron (#187) and Robert Carlier (#131) had rolled in between 06:00 and 17:00. Matthias arrived at 06:04 having climbed the parcours at daybreak. He seemed happy and relaxed as he ate a big breakfast and chatted for over an hour with the CP3 volunteer and staff. Ian arrived an hour and a half later and had been struggling with a broken zip on his frame bag which he’s currently holding together with zip ties. Juliana quipped “His race to the top was a race to the toilet. He arrived pretty desperate.” Geoffroy arrived at 10:21 having slipped back in the race due to having to reroute to get his rear wheel fixed costing him precious hours.

photo credit James Robertson

Rory was in great shape and great spirits arriving at 14:31 just after Nelson who slipped in 2 minutes before him. Nelson had hit a hole around midnight the previous night, his tubeless went flat so he zip tied his tube and cycled another 90km further until the whole rim cracked and he couldn’t go on. He hitchhiked to a bike shop in Poprad, changed entire front wheel then rode back to the point he stopped, luckily only around 17km from the parcours up to CP3. Nelson was also the only rider so far to take advantage of the icy lake next to the hotel and jumped in for a refreshing dip after the hot climb. Juliana had tested the water herself earlier and I can attest to it’s iciness Mike and I only having managed a paddle last year.

photo credit James Robertson

Matthew Falconer (#154) arrived at 20:28 minutes after Stephane Ouaja (#12) in at 20:26 . Matthew reported he’d been suffering from knee pain yesterday and had ended up rerouting to avoid motorways, "but all part of the fun", he said "that's what TCR is all about, isn't it”. He and Stephane and apparently crossed paths at CP3 last year so they're sticking to tradition it would seem and sharing dinner.

photo credit James Robertson

Further back in the race riders are continuing to follow two distinct routes out of Italy. The more direct line through Austria and the flatter route through Slovenia. The Slovenian routesaves riders 300 meters of climbing and once they're in Hungary the terrain quickly makes up for the extra distance. Ian To (#16) is the only rider so far to take the valley up to Zilina (Slovakia) towards CP3, unfortunately the only obvious route across to the next valley is the 18/E50 which is banned.  This mistake meant he had two options to get to Loptovsky Mikulas and the quick run into the parcour of CP3 -  double back at a cost of 170 km / 1708 meters climbing or face a hike of 85 km with 1064 m ascent.  He chose the latter and it took him 5 hours. We wonder if anyone else will fall into that trap? 

Right at the back we believe our lantern rouge is #TCRno5Cap102, Chris Davies, however riders with tracking issues mean we can’t be certain.

The scratch list from the past few days:

#TCRNo5cap268a Kevin Cunniffe scratched before CP1

#TCRNo5cap180 Robert Mercer scratched at CP1 after 634km and 2d12h24m

#TCRNo5cap027 Huseyin Gokdai scratched at CP1 after 600km and 2d11h30m

#TCRNo5cap045 Tim Hull-Bailey scratched at Strasbourg after 591km and 2d13h09m

#TCRNo5cap064 Eric Fraser scratched at Karlsruhe after 336km and 2d10h39m

#TCRNo5cap020 Enrico De Angeli scratched at Ingoldingen after 769km and 2d13h51m

#TCRNo5cap003 Nicky Shaw scratched at Reutlingen after 620km and 3d00h33m

#TCRNo5cap153 Christopher Jobmann scratched at Kempten after 856km and 2d20h53m

#TCRNo5cap268b Matthew Cockerham scratched at Ohlstadt after 788km and 1d21h03m

#TCRNo5cap079 Jason Lawrence scratched at Tübingen after 822km and 2d17h05m

#TCRNo5cap254a Alex Bystrov scratched nr Kempten after 795km and 2d12h00m

#TCRNo5cap223 Paul Galea scratched at CP2 after 1169km and 3d18h23m

#TCRNo5cap221 Innes Ogilve scratched at CP2 after 1231km and 4d12h28m

#TCRNo5cap085 Terry Jones scratched at CP2 after 1190km and 4d12h52m

#TCRNo5cap260a Emilian Sadowski scratched at CP2 after 1232km and 4d12h00m

#TCRNo5cap19 Robert Ferri scratched at Brescia after 1148km and 4d10h27m

#TCRNo5cap266b Tina Friess scratched at CP2 after 1207km and 4d13h09m

#TCRNo5cap002 Toby Willis scratched at Treviso after 1329km and 4d13h13m

#TCRNo5cap217 Ben Delaney scratched at CP2 after 1266km and 4d15h41m

#TCRNo5cap149 Kurt Edmonds scratched at Bolzano after 1248km and 4d16h57m

#TCRNo5cap024 Thomas Ettema scratched at Cimagrappa after 1094km and 4d20h35m

#TCRNo5cap190 Eachann Gillies scratched at Bassano del Grappa after 1262km and 4d17h01m

#TCRNo5cap117 Jean Baptise le Van scratched at Bressanone Brixen after 1013km and 4d00h27m

#TCRNo5cap144 Jim Cameron scratched at Aviano after 1305km and 5d12h14m

#TCRNo5cap253b Paolo Della Sala scratched at Semonzo after 1338km and 4d18h28m

#TCRNo5cap015 Jim Anquez scratched at Quero after 1355km and 5d13h22m

#TCRNo5cap158 René Bonn scratched at Semonzo after 1204km and 5d10h41m

#TCRNo5cap008 Andreas Wittkemper scratched at Trento after 1268km and 5d10h42m