What is the Rider Agreement?

This is a legal agreement between Transcontinental and the rider and it sets out the terms and conditions of the entry.  Its our contract with the rider and makes clear the things that they must agree to when accepting a place in the race.  It should be considered carefully by all the riders. If a rider breaks the terms of the rider agreement they could be excluded from the race.


What is the Media License?

The rider agreement, among other things, says that the rider agrees to yield the commercial rights of all the media they collect on the Event to Transcontinental.  We do this as our basic deal with the rider is just to provide race administration and its services in return for the entry fee - this helps keeps that fee low.  Some riders and companies may also benefit from the race's profile and publicity through rider sponsorship, so or this we can license back some of the commercial rights for use on things like social media.

What does this mean? - Well firstly it means that the true 'privateer' racers pay a slightly lower entry fee, secondly it means that the riders who benefit more from the media of the race pay a slightly higher entry fee and third in the future it may help protect the race from becoming too commercially influenced as it grows.

So if a rider will use their participation in the race to promote ANY commercial organisation (including one they own) then they will need to buy the £40 media license.  This is available in April when the balance of entry is due.  It can also be added later.

Note: that there will be limitations to this license - it won't extend to things like advertising campaigns and video projects with sponsors.  You will need to write to us for separate agreement on these bigger project.  


Can I have a film crew follow me on the race?

From this year any media follow (i.e. a media crew following one particular rider throughout the race) will not be permitted.


Do I need a tracking device?

Hire of one of our SPOT Trace tracking devices in included in the basic entry fee.  Each rider will need to provide a £100 security deposit on each TCR tracker used and this will be refundable upon safe return of the device.  This is typically payable in June/July.  


Can I use my own tracking device?

If you will be using your own SPOT tracker for the race then no deposit will be required and you will also qualify for a £50 discount.   You will need your own service plan active on your tracker during the race and we will need you to provide details of your tracking device and share page url.  This will be applied to the balance of your entry in April.


How much does it cost? 

The cost of Transcontinental No.5 is

£180 Entry Fee + £40 basic media license (if required).  

The payment due dates are as follows.

50% Acceptance Deposit  £90  - Due 5th February 2017

50% Balance - Balance £90 + £40 basic media license (if required) - Due 30th April 2017


I am racing in a pair, do we both need to register?

Yes, we need you both to register, both to apply, both to sign the rider agreement and the race entry fee is the same per person as the solo racers, it is not one entry fee per pair.  If you are not both registered and have paid the deposits by 5th February 2017 then your entry may be cancelled.  If one of your pair is not registered they must sign up to and email and tell us your user name so that we can help you get registered.


Transfer or Withdrawal of Entries

The offer of an entry, if made, is for the edition applied for only, it is not deferrable until the next year and in the case of Solo's is not transferable.  In the case of pairs only one of the original applicants may be substituted and the starting pair must contain one of the applicants selected.  In previous years we have offered a discretionary 50% refund for withdrawals before April.  Now we don't take the balance of 50% until April so that there is no need to administrate withdrawals before this time.  As a result the deposit and balance are non-refundable.


Next of Kin

Riders will need to submit details of next of kin below for emergency contact.  Transcontinental will send all next of kin a copy of the rider agreement to make sure they know that the rider knows what they have signed up for.


What are the main rule changes for No.5?

Following on from this year's race there are some subtle changes to the rules structure, especially in relation to categorising Pairs and Solo riding.  There is more detail in the race manual and on the blog but essentially there will be no transfer of category once the race has started.  If a rider cannot complete the race in the category they start in, (for example because their pair drops out or they ride together in co-operation with another rider) then they will be able to finish the race and be given a time but they will be listed as "Out of Category".  In such cases where there is doubt on the validity of rider's ride then unless proved otherwise they will be assumed to have completed and 'finished' the race under the rules but (again unless proved otherwise) they will not be assumed to 'qualify' for the General Classification in Solo or Pairs.  Therefore, to be listed on GC, the burden is on the rider to avoid doubt.  


Will there be more guidance on the rules?

There will be more guidance offered by way of video in the lead up to this year's race so look out or subscribe on our YouTube channel.