CLOSES | MONDAY 31st JULY 2017 | 



Approximately 480km as the crow flies from de Muur the first control will be located close to this, the fairy-tale castle of Württemberg in the Swabian Jura. Racers will exit Flanders on a south-eastern bearing and head on towards Germany. Their route may take them into the mountainous regions of the Ardennes, Vosges and the Black Forest along the way but they will be keen to avoid too much elevation gain through the rolling hills without also accumulating too many kilometres.

The modern manifestation of Castle Lichtenstein was built, in the neo-gothic style, onto rock on the cliffs overlooking the municipality of Honau and completed in 1842. Racers may not have time to appreciate its imposing prominence and views across the Echaz valley. For some, its structure will only be an ominous silhouette on the ridgeline and to the first who will arrive under the cover of darkness its height may only be a sensation given to the legs. The rise will be brief. The alps are yet to come. It is a landmark to set the course.